About us

Our Story

GiveNow is the original digital fundraising platform for Australia’s not for profit organisations. We exist to support community organisations through our easy-to-use fundraising features.

An Our Community enterprise, GiveNow has been central to the collection of donations online since the internet began. With the foresight of our leadership team, GiveNow was established in 2001 to ensure that small and large not for profit organisations alike were able to access the wonders of online giving. To democratise giving.

It is this bold ambition of inclusion and the progressive values of our team that drives our practices. We care deeply about the success of the community sector. It is this that sets us apart from other platforms, and what drives us to sustainably provide the features Australian organisations need at the best possible price.

We have an impeccable record of offering a stable and secure platform of the essentials of fundraising. From donation processing to peer-to-peer fundraising, in-kind donations and membership registration, we are focussed on the necessities for your organisation.

An enterprise of Our Community

Our Community

Our Community is the engine room for creating and disseminating practical, affordable training, leadership and technological solutions that allow not-for-profit and grantmaking organisations to get on with the crucial work of building stronger communities.

Our partners in that work are not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises; government, philanthropic and corporate grantmakers; donors and volunteers; enlightened businesses; and other community builders.

We were one of the first companies in Australia to be accredited as a B Corporation, a process that provided external validation of our social credentials. In 2020 we ceased our B Corp accreditation in favour of legally mandating our social mission, becoming one of the first companies in Australia to enshrine our values in our constitution, which states: "commercial imperatives are afforded equal priority to our social mission, our commitment to employees, and our responsibility to the environment in which we work".

Our Community's offerings include:

  • Institute of Community Directors Australia: The best-practice governance network for the members of Australian not-for-profit and government boards and committees, and the senior staff who work alongside them - providing ideas and advice for community leaders
  • Funding Centre: The best place to go to get and store information on grants and fundraising in Australia
  • GiveNow: Australia's most innovative giving platform works to increase income to community causes and helping people become better givers. Our features include donations, CrowdRaisers, memberships and Other Ways to Give.
  • Communities in Control: Australia's most inspiring annual community sector gathering: thought leadership for the not-for-profit sector
  • SmartyGrants: Software, data science and intelligence for revolutionary grantmakers - accelerating outcomes and impact.
  • The Innovation Lab: The engine room for sharing ideas and mobilising data science to drive social change
  • Our Community House: A co-working space for the social sector, where data and creativity come together to catalyse social change

The Our Community Group is evolutionary as well as revolutionary. Our websites and our services are always changing.

Our vision centres on social inclusion and social equity. Our dream is that every Australian should be able to go out their front door and stroll or wheel to a community group that suits their interests, passions and needs - or log on and do the same.

We want to help make it easy for people to join in, learn, celebrate, worship, plant trees, play a game, entertain and be entertained, care and be cared for, support others and be supported, advocate for rights and celebrate diversity. To get involved. To be valued.

Our team

The Our Community team is highly experienced in resourcing the community sector and technology arenas.

We also really care about our work. We’re passionate about creating positive social change – this underpins every single thing that we do to create accessible, commonsense solutions to improve the interactions between different players of all sizes and types in the third sector.

Group Leadership Team

Denis Moriarty AM, Our Community Founder and Group Managing Director

Denis is the founder of Our Community and its Group Managing Director. He has a strong background in executive management in both the public and private sectors. He was the former head of the Victorian Government’s Information Service, Managing Director of Strategic Australia Pty Ltd, a boutique management consultancy, and former Commissioner and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Tourism Commission. Denis is a graduate of both the Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Awards and the Williamson Community Leadership program, and a member of several not-for-profit and private boards. He is a graduate of Harvard University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program.

Kathy Richardson, Our Community Executive Director & Chaos Controller

Kathy is an Executive Director of Our Community and the group's "Chaos Controller". She works alongside the Group Managing Director to oversee the organisation's many enterprises, and helps to lead reforms and new business directions. A journalist who spent the early part of her career working in community newspapers, Kathy also spent two years working in Thailand with the Thai government's Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation. She has a degree in journalism from RMIT, a Diploma in Business (Governance) and a passion for equality and social justice. A grants, data, governance and impact enthusiast, Kathy has served on a range of not-for-profit boards and grantmaking bodies. Kathy was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship (Innovation) in 2014.

GiveNow Team

Based in Melbourne, the GiveNow team is a small group of dedicated professionals supported within the Our Community business. In addition to our leadership support, we have access to the insights and skills of the teams of the other Our Community enterprises, as well as the shared services teams.

The dedicated GiveNow team are a small group and includes:

  • Cathy Truong, Executive Director
  • Jeremy Langley, Product Manager
  • Eugene Terentev, Software Developer
  • Vinh Nguyen, Software Developer
  • Clarence Haryanto, Software Developer

Every day, this team are inspired to work hard to ensure community organisations are able to fundraise as easily and efficiently as possible. We want the GiveNow customers to trust that our service will be not only stable and secure, but also clever and efficient.