GiveNow make it convenient for your members with simple online registration, payment and renewal.

Australian community organisations love their membership programs, to define their community and broaden funding sources.

One or many membership programs

Many Australian community organisations have a membership concept in their constitution or terms of reference. Our membership system is perfect to meet these needs.

Plus, if your organisation has multiple membership programs, each with different types of membership or differing periods of time, the GiveNow system is flexible enough to manage this easily.

Customise your membership form

Gather all the necessary information you need about your members by creating custom questions for the member registration process.

With a wide array of formatting options to choose from, there is no question too complex for your members. Questions can be set to display for specific member types also.

These questions are re-usable across the membership system, with the responses accessible at anytime for your management team to view or download.

Lowest fees in the Australian market

We offer a contract-free arrangement with no fixed fees involved.

Instead, we apply only low percentage-based fees, the same fees that apply across the GiveNow platform. These are automatically deducted from your monthly membership remittance.

There's no need for any invoicing process, making it hassle-free for you!

Embed membership forms on your website

Organisations registered for the Pro Plan gain access to the embed function, allowing your to supporters to become members on your organisation's website.

With a simple copy and paste, your organisation is able to create a secure frame within your website. It means you can retain your supporters on your website, ensuring you have full control of your supporter's experience.

Changes to the membership form can be made in OrgHQ and will automatically update.

Convenient financial administration

Keep your book keeping simple by having all of your most recent membership funds deposited into your account on a monthly basis.

A full listing of all new member contact and registration details will be sent the same day, summarising the membership registrations by membership type.

Membership Grace period

Offer members a registration grace period

When creating an annual membership with a fixed automatic renewal date, you can also allow for a grace period. This time period allows you to promote membership registrations earlier than when the year starts, ensuring your members get more than a year's benefit.

A grace period can be anywhere between 1 day to 365 days, a great promotional tool!

More membership features include:

Automatic renewal of memberships

By default our system assumes that members will automatically renew at the end of the membership period, assisting your member retention strategy.

Download member data anytime

Easily access at anytime the details provided by members when they registered via OrgHQ.

Apply GST or no GST

We accomodate smaller or unique organisations who may not want to include GST in their membership fees.

Things change? Hide, close or pause

Change the status of an active membership program or membership type as your circumstances require. And of course add and edit as you need!

QR code for every program

A unique QR code is generated for easily accepting membership registrations at offline events.

Daily membership reports

Receive a daily summary email of members who registered the previous day.