Event ticketing

Event ticket sales made easy for your next community event.

Take charge of your event ticket sales by using GiveNow to oversee everything from ticket sales, tracking registrations, viewing attendee responses to managing attendee numbers.

Create and limit multiple ticket types

Each event can be slightly different, from a one-size fits all ticket approach to more complex ticket types and tiers. Our event system is perfect to meet the needs of community organisations with a wide range of needs.

An unlimited number of ticket types can be created, and if needed you can also limit the number of tickets sold.

Customise your ticket form

Gather all the necessary information you need about your event attendees by creating custom questions for the ticket purchase process.

With a wide array of formatting options to choose from, there is no question too complex for your events. Questions can be set to display for specific ticket types also.

These questions are re-usable across the event system, with the responses accessible at anytime for your management team to view or download.

Manage your event attendees

You can see the names of who is attending the event, as well as the person who is buying the tickets, along with their answers to any questions you have asked.

And when it is time to run your event, simply check-in your attendees to record their attendance. Check-in can be made easy with manual print-outs or real time online.

Embed ticket purchase forms on your website

Organisations registered for the Pro Plan gain access to the embed function, allowing your supporters to purchase tickets on your organisation's website.

With a simple copy and paste, your organisation is able to create a secure frame within your website. It means you can retain your supporters on your website, ensuring you have full control of your supporter's experience.

Changes to the event form can be made in OrgHQ and will automatically update.

Convenient financial administration

Keep your book keeping simple by having all of your most recent events funds deposited into your account on a monthly basis after the event has run.

Simple, consistent low pricing

We keep the GiveNow pricing system simple.

When you choose a GiveNow plan, the same platform fee is applied across all features - donations, memberships and now event ticketing. So the same low prices that apply for a Basic Plan or Pro Plan are applied to a ticket is purchased.

No invoicing. No fixed fees. All fees are based on a percentage of ticket purchase price and are simply deducted from your event remittance.

More event features include:

Download attendee data anytime

Easily access at anytime the details provided by attendees when they purchased tickets.

Apply GST or no GST

We accomodate smaller or unique organisations who may not want to include GST in their ticket sales.

QR code for every event

A unique QR code for each event for easy promotion to supporters to purchase tickets.