Transform your loyal supporters into passionate fundraisers with our peer-to-peer fundraising tool.

Supporters create their own individual CrowdRaiser pages easily, quickly and accessible at anytime!

Unlimited number of peer-to-peer pages

Your supporters are more than just fabulous people, they are your greatest fundraising advocates! With CrowdRaiser, you can tap into their enthusiasm and turn them into tenacious fundraisers. And there is no limit on the number of CrowdRaiser pages created.

Imagine the reach and impact you can achieve when each member of your community champions your cause with their very own fundraising page. Their family and friends donate to your cause and join your community. With any supporter able to set up a page, the opportunities are endless.

Connect to a cause page

Foster a sense of connection by inviting your supporters to link themselves to specific cause pages.

A supporter can create a CrowdRaiser page by following a link from you a new fundraising cause page. Whether it's an event you're organising, a campaign tied to a special program, or a cause ignited in the media, your supporters can choose to rally behind your request and create a CrowdRaiser page easily.

Alternatively, your supporters can mark special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or personal milestones with purpose by supporting your ongoing general cause.

You control it all

When maintaining consistency and showing respect are important to your organisation, you have the opportunity to lead your peer-to-peer campaign!

Your team can control it all from the OrgHQ organisation portal by:

  • Drafting a template of original content for your supporters' pages
  • Opting to reviewing who joins your campaign before a page goes live, or not
  • Stopping an inappropriate CrowdRaiser at anytime

Real time access to your success

With our OrgHQ portal, you can track the progress of your supporters' fundraising efforts. The portal provides you with a real-time view of who has registered and how much they've raised. Watching their tallies you can encourage those who might need more support, and congratulate those who are reaching their targets.

You can of course also view or download donations for all CrowdRaisers.

The OrgHQ insights graphs also allow you to compare how donor behaviour changes during your regular fundraising and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Easy for your supporters

We understand that time is precious and that asking your community to fundraise needs to be easy. That's why we've made it effortless for your supporters to register online at any hour of the day or night via our simple 4-step process.

And once they're on board, their MyGiving portal becomes their personal fundraising hub. Via their portal supporters can monitor their CrowdRaiser donations, edit their targets, update text and images and review their closing date. They can even send thank you emails from the portal and it keeps track of those who they have thanked, including donors who may have chosen to stay anonymous.

More CrowdRaiser features include:

Team CrowdRaisers for friendly fun

Multiple people can join a team, for a common target but with individual tallies to keep it interesting. Each team member logs in to the team page but manage their own donors.

A QR code for every CrowdRaiser

Supporters have a unique QR code that they can access via their MyGiving.

Great to display for an event flyer, t-shirt or social media post.

Reactivate a page at anytime

When plans change your supporters can quickly turn their fundraising page back on anytime. And edit as needed of course.