Choosing suggested donation amounts for Christmas 2023

Posted on 25 Oct 2023

A key part of a Christmas campaign is getting the fresh narrative to match the suggested donation amounts. And suggesting a specific donation amount attached to a clever message can indeed nudge individuals to contribute, and contribute more!

So if you are seeking inspiration, here are five of our favourite ideas on how to propose donation amounts to potential donors this Christmas:

Twelve Days of Christmas:

The theme is ripe for creative fundraising, asking donors to give a daily donation for the twelve days of Christmas. Ensure the suggested donation amounts are reasonable for daily giving for your community. Send out your communication with the "Daily" donation frequency set by default and donors can nominate the end date of December 25, 2023.

*Tip: You can update the email receipt template in OrgHQ every day for the 12 days to give a fresh thank you message to your wonderful donors each day.

Round Numbers or Memorable Dates:

Suggest donation amounts that are round numbers or correspond to memorable dates for your organisation. For example, asking for a $60 donation as your organisation has been operating for 60 years this Christmas, or $100 for the one hundred families you have supported during 2023. Or just keep it simple and ask for $25 to mark Christmas day – and ask for it to be a regular monthly donation!

Last Hour's Wage:

So many people in your community will have thought to donate many times throughout the year, and they simply have not gotten around to it. So asking donors to contribute the equivalent of their last hour's wage for 2023 is a relatable and tangible way to suggest a donation amount this Christmas.

Give Up to Give:

With the cost of living crisis lots of people in our community are eliminating some every day purchases so they can give their family a fun Christmas. Ask your supporters to join them by giving the amount they might usually spend on … a daily coffee, a meal out, or a movie ticket. It is a temporary sacrifice for a greater good.

Donation Amounts Reflecting Costs:

Frame the suggested donation amounts around the cost of specific items or services your organisation provides. For instance, "$50 could provide meals for a family for a week" or "$100 could pay for a child's school supplies for a year". It may seem not that creative, but it provides great insight for your donors about your programs and that you are very exact in the way you spend their precious donations.


And of course we would always recommend that you use the reframing technique to suggest donation amounts. For our Pro Plan users, this is the "default donation amount" field. For instance, if the suggested donation is $200, a $100 donation may seem like a better option compared to a $50 donation, as it's closer to the default suggested amount. This psychological nudge can encourage donors to give more than they might have initially planned.

These creative approaches can make the act of giving more engaging and personalised, ultimately encouraging more generous donations this year.

To see how to to do this on GiveNow, see our How do I edit suggested donation amounts help sheet.