Secure, flexible and low fees

We know your fundraising platform needs to be secure, flexible and at the lowest possible cost.

GiveNow achieves this without compromising on the features you need to fundraise and the customer support you receive.

Secure and stable

We take great pride in our twenty years of providing secure and reliable operations, a testament to our commitment and expertise in digital application development. We have always prioritised the protection and confidentiality of user information and financial transactions, resulting in a flawless reputation.

We achieve this as:

  • We maintain secure TLS protocols and PCI compliance
  • We monitor our systems 24x7 and are automatically alerted on suspicious behaviour, including IP checks
  • We encrypt all sensitive personal data and delete data that is no longer needed
  • No donor or organisation data is stored or handled off-shore
  • Our system administration requires multi-factor authentication
  • Users are able to access multi-factor authentication
  • Importantly, we do not hold re-useable payment information of donors at all in our system.

At our core, we are committed to creating a trusted environment for both donors and organisations alike.

Many payment options

For your donors, we offer Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Apple Pay as the credit card payment options.

We are unique to other donation platforms as we offer direct debit payments for regular donations free of transaction fees. This means we are the same cost as offline inter-bank transfers, but with the benefit providing donors with donation receipts, EOFY summary receipts and a portal to adjust regular donation amounts, frequencies and their contact details. And importantly this payment method ensures you do not need to display your organisation bank accounts online, alleviating a significant fraud risk for you!

We do not offer PayPal as a payment solution, as the fees are too high. Simple.

Lowest transaction costs

When it comes to online donations, our transaction fees are the lowest available.

We do NOT use Stripe, PayPal, Braintree or similar third party provider for processing transactions. Instead our payment processing partner is integral to our business, so when you register with GiveNow there is no further administration and no additional third-party transaction fees.

Our transaction fees for credit card payments are exactly the wholesale fee that GiveNow is charged to complete a transaction via credit card companies. We do not apply a margin to these fees to ensure they are the lowest cost possible.

We charge no transaction fees for direct debit donations.

See our transaction fees current since 2021.

Platform fees paid by donors

The platform fee is how GiveNow earns an income so we can afford to fund our staff and operations.

Our platform fees vary, depending on the plan you choose.

  • Starter Plan platform fee is 0%. Our entry level plan, the Starter Plan reflects the original GiveNow service. It remains Australia's most cost-effective solution for community organisations seeking a simple and secure online donation provider.
  • Our paid plans, the Basic Plan (2.40% platform fee) and the Pro Plan (3.25% platform fee) provide added fundraising features at very reasonable rates.

The platform fees are able to be paid by your donors via an opt-in step in the payment process. It is important to know that donors pay the platform fee 80-85% of the time, so that makes the average platform fees paid by Basic and Pro plan users VERY low indeed!

Plus, you have the flexibility to switch between plan types at any time via the OrgHQ portal with immediate effect.

See our platform fees and the features included in our plans.

Flexibility for different bank accounts

We know that sometimes Australian organisations need to use different bank accounts for different fundraising activities.

If your organisation needs donations from a specific cause, or a particular membership, to be allocated to different bank accounts this can be done easily on GiveNow.

This provides flexibility for circumstances such as auspicing arrangements, multi-site organisations or for fundraising when your DGR status is not appropriate to use.